Barbecue Summer Camp in College Station

Foodways Texas presents this weekend seminar on barbecue cookery that features sessions on butchering and the science of barbecue by Texas A&M University Meat Science professors as well as lectures on barbecue history and lore by well-known barbecue authorities. As an attendee, you will receive hands-on experience formulating rubs and sauces under the direction of a spice industry expert. You will get the chance to compare the results of rubs you create, different types of wood smoke, and techniques like brining and injecting. Attendees will be treated to a screening of a new short film collaboration by Foodways Texas and the Southern Foodways Alliance. The program will also include a tour of historic Martin’s Place in Bryan, Texas, along with complimentary lunch and dinner on both Friday and Saturday. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit our Barbecue Summer Camp main page. For information on the weekend’s program click here.

Location: E. M. “Manny” Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
When: Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5, 2011.
Tickets: $495 (hotel is not included)

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