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In this 2012 interview, Eric Covey and Gavin Benke interview Rick Schmidt of Kreuz Market in Lockhart, on behalf of Southern Foodways Alliance and the American Studies Department at the University of Texas at Austin and as part of the Central Texas Barbecue Trail Project. Open since 1900, the story of Kreuz Market reveals the roots of Texas Barbecue joints, many of which originally opened as meat markets or as slaughterhouses. Rick explains the importance of Kreuz Market to the town’s history and industries, as well its role as an incubator for other Central Texas Barbecue establishments.

“The knives were chained to the tables. Uh, that was to keep them from being stolen. Uh, Kreuz Market back in the early, or the mid-part of the century, ’50s and ’60s, was in the middle of a block that had about seven or eight, uh, beer taverns. ‘Beer joints;’ is what we called them, but—and, uh, somebody would get a little bit too much to drink and—and, uh, want to eat; well, they’d come over.”

Listen to the full audio here: Kreuz Market


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